PhD Dissertation now Available
This is my site Written by Thomas Tøth on April 3, 2015 – 3:06 PM

On 2nd of March I defended my PhD dissertation and I can now call myself Doctor of Philosophy :).

The PhD dissertation is entitled: “Trustworthiness: Enabling Global Collaboration – An Ethnographic Study of Trust, Distance, Control, Culture and Boundary Spanning within Offshore Outsourcing of IT Services”

My PhD dissertation is an ethnographic field study of the collaboration between a leading media company in Denmark, and their Indian IT service provider – one of the largest IT service providers worldwide. The dissertation studies the day-to-day operational collaboration between actors from the client organization and the vendor organization in order to understand how vendor-side actors, as individuals and as a collective, can be constructed as trustworthy collaborators in the eyes of the client-side actors.

Based on the study, I present a number of practice-oriented suggestions on how the client-side actors’ perceptions of the vendor-side’s trustworthiness can be improved – and thus, how global teams can increase performance, satisfaction and motivation.

My PhD dissertation is available here:

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