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SourceWise is a research-based consulting company committed to helping organizations improve and succeed in the operational aspects of offshoring of IT development; IT maintenance; helpdesk services; Business Process Outsourcing (BPO);  and administration.

We are committed to helping you implement your strategies and meet your offshoring objectives.

SourceWise can help you if you wish to improve ROI on your offshoring engagement by optimizing the way your local staff and offshore team(s) cooperate.

We can help you establish high-performing distributed teams by:

  • Minimizing cultural barriers and increase cultural intelligence and understanding among your staff and associates
  • Improve processes for distributed cooperation based on proven best practices
  • Improve governance structures and virtual project management
  • Strenghten relations between onsite and offshore shaff

Please refer to the sections ‘Consulting Services‘ and ‘Courses & Workshops‘ for elaborated descriptions of SourceWise’s services.

We are looking forward to help you succeed in your offshoring endeavours!