Courses & Workshops

At SourceWise we offer a variety of interactive workshops and lectures. Please click on the titles below to see detailed descriptions:

Inspirational Lecture: Enabling Global Collaboration

The inspirational lecture is a two-hour session aimed at practitioners who are managing or working in virtual teams. The lecture is based Thomas Tøth’s PhD-dissertation ‘Trustworthiness: Enabling Global Collaboration’. Thus the inspirational lecture has solid theoretical foundation but with a clear target in inspiring practitioners on how collaboration across geographical distance can be improved.

Click here to download the full 3-page description of the Inspirational Lecture

Interactive Workshops

Courses & Lectures

Tailor-made sessions
SouceWise also offers tailor-made sessions that combine elements from the aforementioned courses and workshops. Do not hessitate to contact us for a discussion of Your organization’s needs.

Booking and Prices
Please contact SourceWise via the ‘Contact’ page for information on prices and bookings.