What is SourceWise?
SourceWiseis a research-based consulting company aimed at helping organzations succeed in the operational aspects of offshoring.

SourceWise is dedicated to the operational aspects of offshoring within IT development; IT maintenance; business process outsourcing; graphical production; and general administration.

How can SourceWise help you?
SourceWise can help Your company design and implement best practice governance and processes for offshoring;  train your staff to better cope with the challenges of distributed work and mediated communication; facilitate better team work across locations; provide cultural training to both Your own local staff as well as staff working from offshore. Please refer to the sections ‘Consulting Services‘ and ‘Courses & Workshops‘ for a more elaborate introduction to the services that SourceWise offer.

Who owns SourceWise
SourceWise is fully owned by Thomas Tøth, who in addition to helping SourceWize customers succeed in their offshoring ventures, is associated with Copenhagen Business School (CBS) as a PhD-fellow, where he is currently working on a strategic research project named Next Generation Global Software Development. You can read more about Thomas’ research  in ‘Current Research‘.

Before founding SourceWise, Thomas has gained substantial practical experience with offshoring and with the IT-industry in general:

  • Expatriate in Bangalore, India as a Liaison Officer in a 500+ offshore development center for a leading financial institution in Denmark, where he among other tasks had management responsibilities for developing and running a BPO team.
  • Onsite Manager for an offshore IT-development teams developing software for the real estate unit for a major financial institution in Denmark.
  • More than 10 years of working experience within the IT-industry within a broad range of disciplines such as project management, management consulting, organizational change management, business analysis, support and teaching.

On LinkedIN you can find a more elaborate CV of Thomas Tøth.