360° evaluation of offshoring potential

Considering offshoring? These days many organizations have engaged in offshoring endeavours and even more are considering to do so. Sadly, many experience a rough start and difficulties they had not at all imagined; and realize that they simply hadn’t prepared adequately.

Offshoring indeed requires planning and SourceWise offers a 360 degree evaluation of Your organization before you engage in offshoring. We focus on evaluating processes, work practices, governance, employee’s ability to work distributed and cross-cultural, readiness to use collaboration technology (such as skype, video meetings, instant messengers etc) and much more in order to provide an evaluation that enables Your company to take a well-informed decision about offshoring.

The 360° evaluation of offshoring potential is designed to make sure that Your organization is off to the best possible start in Your offshoring endavour.

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