Transition and Transformation Management

SourceWise can assist Your company with transition and transformation management.

When SourceWise is hired for transition and transformation our primary goal is to help the organization stand on it’s own two legs by assisting in making the offshore setup run smoothly. In other words: We offer interim management services with clear goals and a clear agenda.

SourceWise can assist you in:

  • Establishing the offshoring vision and define a clear strategy that supports the vision
  • Assessing the ‘outsource-ability’ of tasks (strategic importance, technical complexity, business complexity, risk, maturity & expected future changes, training needs etc.)
  • Designing optimum organizational structure, governance structures and operational model for the offshoring setup
  • Defining measurement framework including both benefit and performance measures
  • Changing the attitudes and behaviors of staff

Contact us if you want to know more
Please contact SourceWise via the ‘Contact’ page if you wish to know more about SourceWise’s Consulting Services and how SourceWise can help Your organization succeed in offshoring.