Trust – the cornerstone of teamwork

Trust! We use the word on a daily basis, but what does it really mean to trust someone?

This 3 hour work shop is aimed at managers at all levels in need of rapidly building trust in their teams.

At this interactive workshop we will focus on understanding what trust is; what it consists of; and what we can do to cater for a higher level of trust among our peers. The participants will gain familiarity with the theoretical concepts of trust and on the basis of this learn how trust can be actively managed in order to create higher levels of trust and hereby pave the way for higher team efficiency and work satisfaction.

Below are a selection of the topics that will be covered in the workshop

  • What is trust?
  • Institutional and Personal Trust
  • Conceptualizations of trust: “The ingredients”
  • Trust and Culture
  • Trust and Control
  • Managing Trust

SourceWise also offers a trust workshop aimed at line and project managers charged with managing distributed, global teams. Click here to read more about the ‘Trust across culture and distance’ workshop

3 hours

Booking and Prices
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